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Career Timeline

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As a Technical Writer, I specialize in creating clear and concise documentation for complex technical processes. With over 5 years of experience in the field, I have honed my skills in writing user manuals, tutorials, conceptual docs, and other technical documentation. Additionally, my proficiency in docs-as-code ensures that my documentation is always up-to-date and easily accessible. With over a decade of software development experience, I have gained expertise in managing documentation pipelines and leading and mentoring tech writers. My skills in using tech stacks such as Java, AWS, JavaScript, and Microservices have allowed me to excel in the field. My goal is to make technical information accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background. 

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Work Experience

2022 - Present

Appsmith Inc.

2019 - 2021



Software Developer

As a lead technical writer, I have been responsible for leading and mentoring a team of tech writers. My expertise in managing doc pipeline and deliveries using docs-as-code has been instrumental in ensuring timely and accurate documentation. I am proficient in creating tutorials, guides, and concept docs for developer audience using Diataxis' guidelines. Additionally, I have been developing react components to enhance documentation website user experience.

 As a self-employed technical writer, I excelled in creating engaging technical blogs and implementing SEO strategies for increased visibility. I specialized in simplifying complex concepts, managed multiple documentation projects efficiently, ensured high-quality standards through thorough reviews, and collaborated seamlessly with diverse teams for comprehensive and accurate documentation delivery.

Fourteen years of software development experience encompass leadership roles in directing product development, crafting API documentation, and leading cross-functional teams utilizing Java, AWS, JavaScript, SQL, and Oracle portal technologies. Responsibilities include mentoring, Sprint management, technical documentation, and active contributions to software development and user manuals.


Core skills

Doc types

  • Technical communication

  • Content strategy

  • Information architecture

  • Product documentation

  • UX Writing

  • Content design and development

  • Open source documentation

  • Developer-focused documentation

  • Docs-as-code 

  • Installation, troubleshooting and deployment guides

  • Release notes

  • API Documentation

  • Tutorials

  • Concept docs

  • References 

Tools & Technologies

  • Markdown

  • Static site generators (Docusaurus, GitBook, Hugo, Gatsby)

  • Docs as Code

  • GitHub

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • React

  • Java

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • Monitoring (CloudWatch, Mixpanel, Smartlook)

Education & Awards



  • Master of Computer Management | 2005

  • Bachelor of Science | 2002

  • Aryahatta Gold Medal for highest academic performance

  •  Arrk Ambassador Award for outstanding collaboration

  • Arrk Pillar of the Project for exemplary leadership and technical skills

  • Star Performer Award for outstanding performance

Community Services

The Good Docs Project

Write the Docs

The Good Docs Project is an open-source project that helps documentarians and organizations streamline their documentation needs by providing high-quality free resources and tools.

  • In my role with the Good Docs project's templates group, I contribute to enhancing documentation quality through community reviews, research, and template development. My work involves not only creating and refining templates but also facilitating coordination and communication among various community groups, ensuring our efforts effectively address diverse documentation challenges.

​Write the Docs (WTD) is a volunteer-based global community of documentarians and people who care about quality docs. 

  • An active member since October 2022, primarily engaging with the community from a learning perspective. My contributions include actively participating in discussions and offering assistance to fellow community members within my capacity. This involvement has not only allowed me to deepen my understanding of documentation best practices but also to contribute to the collective knowledge and support network of the community.

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