• Nikhila Jain

Book Review - A Girl Called Ari

Updated: Mar 13

Author - P.J. Sky

Published on - 15 February 2020

Genre - Dystopian

Length - 274 pages

Available on - Amazon, Goodreads

Main Characters - Ari and Starla

Summary - "A Girl Called Ari", is a story of two girls, Ari and Starla. The two different personalities separated by a wall, yet brought together by fate.

The story starts when Starla finds herself on the other side of the wall and realised that her life would never be the same again. On her way to freedom, she finds Ari, a stranger, her only hope to get back to the world she once belonged. She trusts her, and their journey to survival begins.

Ari, on the other hand, helps Starla. Ari's hope that Starla would help her start a new life in the new world.

On their way to freedom, the two girls face dangerous creatures, unwanted intrusion, and the burning sun. They deal with the challenges, and at times their trust shakes. Though at last, one finds the destination and another wanders in the dark.

Review: Author P.J. Sky did justice to the book, “A Girl Called Ari”. The debut book of the author had beautifully portrayed two girls, Starla and Ari. They were different yet strong-minded. They bonded like sisters and had their fears, small joys, and a ray of hope. The character description and incidents narrated by the author make the story incredibly special.

The story has twists and turns. The moment you think that you got the hang of the story, the author introduces a new twist. The book is an enjoyable read, that would elevate your mood. Highly recommended, grab your copy, a must-read.....

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