• Nikhila Jain

Book Review - Ari Goes To War

Author - P.J. Sky

Published on - 14 January 2021

Genre - Dystopian

Main Characters - Ari, Keshia and Starla

Length - 344 pages

Available on - Amazon, Goodreads

Summary -In the story Ari Goes To War, Ari returns to rescue Starla yet again. Starla, this time had been kidnapped and taken back to the wasteland. Titus Corinth, Starla's father, puts his faith back in Ari to rescue his daughter. With all her apprehensions and inner conflicts, Ari sets out to find Starla with Keshia. As the story progresses, the dark and adventurous journey of Ari and Keshia in search of Starla BEGINS...... Somewhere in between the story.... Titus Cornith, with his inner fears thought, a past - was it worth to be revealed. Review: Ari Goes to War is the sequel to A Girl Called Ari. Author P.J. Sky has a lot in store with the new book that will keep you turning pages. It is a strong story that portrays vivid female characters that stay in your memory forever. Though a sequel author has narrated the back story, that keeps you going on without missing the essence of the first book. The author has done a fantastic job to bring out Ari and Starla's inner conflicts, fears, and the shadows of their past that haunts them. Ari Goes To War, a story of emotions, action and challenges, a must-read....

Go Grab yours...... Star Rating:

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