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How to Find an Available Slot for Covid Vaccination?

Updated: Jun 5

Are you struggling to get the vaccination slots?

Are you refreshing the cowin.gov.in website or Aarogyasetu or Umang apps for clicks unknown?

I can understand how frustrating and disappointing the whole journey is. I had been in your place for weeks until something worked out for me, and I was successful in getting a slot and eventually getting vaccinated.

Here are simple steps that you can follow and get a slot booked for yourself or your dear ones:

Step1 - Download Telegram app from Google play store or Apple's Appstore

Telegram on Appstore

Telegram on Google Playstore

Step2 - On Safari/Google Chrome on your phone, navigate to under45.in for the age group 18 - 44 or above45.in for the 45+ age group.


Step3 - Select State and District.

Step4 - Click on U45 Thane/A45Thane

Step5 - It opens in the Telegram app, and you can join the channel.

Good, you are all set to receive the alerts when slots are available.

Now starts the actual game. Follow these pointers to increase your probability of getting a slot.

Pointer1 - Don't jump on booking the slots as soon as you start receiving alerts on the Telegram app. We have to do a little bit of homework.

Pointer2 - Follow the below steps:

  • Search for your nearest vaccination centers.

  • Follow their trends of slot availability. For example- vaccination center A updates slots at 11:30 am, say vaccination center B updates it at 11:30 pm every day.

  • Check for the above slots for the same vaccination centers daily for 2-3 days.

Pointer3 - Be patient. You have to follow the trend for 2-3 days before zeroing on the timings when the slots are available.

Pointer4 - Once you know the exact timings for the vaccination centers, log in either using Aarogyasetu or Umang App 15 minutes before the slots are available. For example, if the slots are available at 11:30 am, then log in by 11:15 am.

Pointer5 - Search by District Or Search by Pincode

Pointer6 - Now keep refreshing the search till you get the alert on your phone.

Pointer7 - You can see the slots available. Click it and register yourself for the desired timing.

Pointer8 - If you have more than one person registered on your mobile number, use two different mobiles to book the slot, as it vanishes within milliseconds.

I hope the above steps will work for you, as they did for me, and you get your vaccination booked.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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