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How to Keep Your MacBook Malware Free

Updated: May 7

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With Pandemic on the run and everyone working from home, securing your MacBook, laptops, desktops, and tabs have taken precedence. People often buy Apple products (I am one of them) to have that extra sense of confidence that it is far more secured than the competitors. Even though this holds correct, but there is a fair chance that one can break in.

The most common way to distribute a virus is by embedding it in a fancy-looking app that projects to be harmless. You click that app & Boom! You have that sticky adware on your MacBook. The most important part is to get rid of this app and secure your data, but how?

Easy said than done. We bring you some simple guidelines that will keep your MacBook free from virus.

The macOS offers built-in features that would ensure that any malicious program or trojan would not get access to your personal information.

Apple - Inherent Defence System

Did you know your MacBook has a native defence setting? Wondering how to go about it pretty simple, follow these easy steps to set up. With just a few clicks and your MacBook is protected.

Let's quickly dive in by following these simple steps:

  • On your MacBook, Go to System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click General.

  • If the lock at the bottom left shows locked, then click it to unlock the same.

  • Select the sources from which you will allow the software installation:

  • App Store: This is the most secure way of allowing apps to get downloaded. All the developer apps are identified and reviewed by Apple and then available in the Mac App Store. Thus, ensuring the highest level of security.

  • App Store and identified developers: Allows apps from the Mac App Store and apps from identified developers. Identified developers are registered with Apple and upload the app for security check.

Select one of the options, and you are all set. Cool, right?

Keep your Mac and Software Updated

Now that we have set up the gatekeeper, always keep your software updated. Apple ensures that any vulnerabilities are quickly fixed and bundled in an update. Hence, it is essential that you regularly apply the patches.

Follow the simple steps to ensure that your macOS is updated:

  • Go to System Preferences, then click Software Update to check for updates.

  • If any updates are available, click the Update Now button to install them. Or click More info to select specific updates to install.

  • A Software Update ensures that all the installed apps are updated too.

  • To automatically install future updates, select Automatically keep my Mac up to date. Your Mac will notify you when updates require it to restart, so you can always choose to install those later.

Disable Old Plugins

The most common gateway for the trojan to get access to your MacBook is through your browsers. It uses Java or Flash plugins to trespass and become native. Safari, the default web browser on macOS, by default disables them unless enabled manually by you. It is advantageous to keep these setting disabled in all circumstances unless you trust the source. Modern web applications are moving away from using these plugins and thus bring in more security.

Get an Anti-Malware Tool

An anti-malware tool is a program that will guard your MacBook against malicious programs popularly known as a virus. The program will prevent, detect and remove it from your devices.

There are many anti-malware tools available in the market. The article on tech-radar gives a detailed study of top-notch anti-virus and anti-malware tools available in the market. Pick the one that best suits your need.

Schedule Malware Scans

The anti-malware tools come with a quick setup for scheduled scans. It can run the scan at the desired time and generate reports for you to take action. It helps in keeping your system clean and getting an early alarm before it is too late.

Keep your Anti-Malware Updated

Alike you keep your macOS and other apps updated, ensure to update the anti-malware app as and when an update is available. It ensures that the anti-malware app is always on the top with the latest malware information and effectively fights against the trojan.

With coronavirus creating havoc in our lives, the best option is to stay safe and follow the safety norms. On similar lines, keep your MacBook updated with new software versions, only install trusted apps and get a front-line defence installed for your MacBook. It is imperative as even if Apple is the leader in providing secured devices to users. Yet, 2021 brought the news of the first M1 malware targeted at MacBook. Here is everything that you need to know. The above guidelines will keep your MacBook secured and free from unwanted software.

Safety is the key to success. Stay safe and keep your MacBook safe.

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