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Is Home Schooling a Good Choice for me?

Updated: Jun 5

The greatest pandemic of all, “The Covid-19” has hit us and changed the way we looked at our life. In the new world, either everyone is working from home or learning remotely.

Homeschooling practised by a vast population in the United States of America; approximately two million children homeschooled. However, on the other side of the world, like in India, homeschooling is still an alien culture, slowly breeding in the new world. Though the numbers are not too high, at least 15,000 families have chosen to home school their kids. Is this the beginning of new era of "School at Home"?

The pandemic has taught us that humans have the power to survive in situations unforeseen. They can learn, create and innovate.

In a short period, our schools have prepared themselves to provide remote learning. Remote learning has induced the idea of homeschooling among a substantial segment of parents.

From generations, every child was taught on-premise in the Indian schools, yet the new world has opened the gates for homeschooling.

The opportunity had led the parents to weigh the possibility of study at home over traditional schooling. Having said that a good percentage of parents are adamant adapting the idea of school at home.

To consider the idea of studying at home, there are seven important parameters to evaluate which would answer the burning question, "Should we do this?"

Should we do this

There are a varied reasons why parents would want to opt for home schooling.

Flexibility to teach what, when you want

“No one knows and cares for your child better than you”. Thus, the flexibility places the ability to choose what works best for your kid and aligns the interest of your child with the career opportunities.

The ability to work and complete the curriculum at the your own pace is something that every parent had wanted for their kids. The perfectionist in each child would be born as they imbibe the knowledge till the core, because there is no rush.

Quality of Education

Every public or private school are focused on teacher to student ratio. However, on the other side, home schooling is more focused on one-to-one session.

Predominately, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the child and creating a plan in place to improve on the weaknesses. Thus, improving the quality of education, especially for kids who have academic challenges and for the ones who are academically versatile.

Spend more time with Family

In today’s world, everyone irrespective of their age tries to meet the ends. The tight schedule has leveraged a great amount of time on work and school activities. To compete with each other, not only school but extra curricular activities and time invested in them had increased exponentially. The result is lesser and lesser time together.

Home schooled kids get ample time to spend with their family. To strengthen the bond with their family and enhance ones emotional quotient.


Unlike, the United States of America, the Indian schools do not foresee, heinous shooting episodes. However, the students, do suffer from bullying, favouritism, inferiority complex and other behavioural issues. Schooling at home, provides a safe environment for the kids and makes them strong and emotionally stable adults.

Situational Behaviour

Unlike, private or public schools, where there are ample situations which kids deal with, homeschooling lacks the environment. We all have some amazing days and some awful days, though at home, we are in comfort zone, miles away from situations to deal with.

School Outings

I still remember the crazy and funny things we did in our school trips. I am sure, we all had great time. The fun that the kids at home would miss; the fun with friends, with group, who can be as mischievous as they are. The kids in them probably would be more mature than their age and would lack "Fun", the key to childhood.


Affordability, does play an important role. The cost of schooling can be more for private schools and parents would want to opt for homeschooling to save on their budgets.

Last but not the least, Homeschooling does gives us peace of mind, but at the end, we all have to face life and the situations it throws at us. It’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared and I feel, our schools do help us in cultivating the hidden strengths of our kids.

We as parents, definitely should be there to help them in situations of need, but as mature adults, we should understand that we arise from our failures.

“Success is only sweet, when we know the taste of bitter failures.”

Do decide what works best for you :)

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