• Nikhila Jain

The Morning of Hope

Winter!! I love it the most. The chilled morning, foggy surroundings and me. Ah! What a fascinated morning? The sun tiptoed in our lives with bright light taking away the sorrows, setbacks, failures, disappointments and the treasured moments of last night, of the days and the year that passed away. And it’s the new year eve, goodbye 2019, waiting for 2020 to smile at us.

2019 offloaded the golden & shiny baggage and the smallest rugged, dull & brown paper wrapped package for 2020. 2020 said, So many!!! And smiled.

2019 remembered himself, he was the same. He sighed and said, dear friend, I made a mistake, and trust me its no fun. This has been a tradition to pass on but I would say, choose wisely my friend. 2020 stood there perplexed, and said, do I have a choice? 2019 smiled and said, of course, everyone has and without a word, he waved and disappeared.

2020 spent the whole night staring at the baggages that 2019 has passed it on. He looked at the huge golden and shiny package smiling at him, eager to be picked and the smallest rugged, dull & brown paper wrapped package kept silent. He was confused, which baggage to choose and start his journey. Why 2019 left without guiding him? He was angry, yet he had no choice. He has to make his choice, as the sun will shine in moments and he will have to start his journey.

He saw the darkness of night turning into the beautiful morning, bringing freshness. The flowers blooming, the birds chirping. He closed his eyes and replayed his conversation with 2019, the words echoed in his ears, “dear friend, I made a mistake”. And as if the world was never clearer than this, he picked the smallest rugged, dull & brown paper wrapped package. With happiness, content and a smile on his face, he started his journey.

Isn’t it true, we treasure the failures, the emotional trauma, setbacks and ruined relationship like the golden package? Whereas forget the moments which brought a smile to our faces, and crumple them in a rugged, dull brown package. We easily forget the happiness but remember the sorrows for our lifetime, whereas it should be the other way around. Life is small my friend, enjoy it before it says, you had it enough.

Today, let’s walk with 2020 and take the small bundle of treasured moments and joy to start our new journey with the morning of hope 😊. I wish you health, wealth, success and happiness.

Happy 2020!!!!

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