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What to do in Mauritius - A Perfect Family Holiday

Updated: May 4

Are you tired of finding the best beach holiday destination for your family?

Are you wondering whether your kids would equally enjoy Mauritius?

Are you looking for the best serene beach holiday destination that has a lot to offer for you and your kids too?

Voila! You have found the right post to guide you through.

Mauritius is a serene place, a perfect combination of clear and blue waters that takes you on a dream journey where you don't need anyone to accompany you. The calmness of beaches would give you inner peace, rejuvenation and picturesque views. I can bet that you would sit down and watch the waves for hours, each wave narrating a new story.

Indeed an Island of dreams. It is a picturesque island nation in the east of Africa. It is a perfect blend of palm-fringed beaches, mesmerising sunsets, adrenaline-pumping adventures, and a mix of cultures that evolved with the number of immigrants over centuries.

The beaches are safe and enjoyable for kids as they have small waves which do not reach the shore.

Best Time to Visit:

Although you can visit Mauritius all year round, though:

  • From May to December is the best time to visit Mauritius.

  • The weather is pleasant, dry and sunny during this period.

  • We chose to visit during August, the reason being:

  • The average temperature during August is 25ºC with colder nights at 16ºC

  • The sea temperature ranges around 23ºC

  • Plenty of sunshine to get a good tan (Do not forget to pack your sunscreen)

  • It is a perfect time for our long annual break


There are many options for flights available at a budget price. However, Mauritius Airlines do offer a non-stop option. The flight has a daily schedule at 06:45 am from Mumbai and reaches 11:15 am to Mauritius. As India is an hour and thirty minutes ahead of Mauritius, the journey is approximately 6 hours. You can get a hundred deals on MakeMyTrip.com that best suits your need.


Mauritius is a hub where tourists pour in from every corner of the world. There are incredible resorts & hotels, having massive properties spread over acres of land. Outrigger Beach Resort, located in Bel Ombre nature reserve, has an enormous property setup. The resort offers luxurious honeymoon packages, special couple packages and is also a popular family resort.

The lively and specially designed Coral Kids club at Outrigger would keep your child busy. The club has several activities, ranging from Mehndi making, Jewellery design, drawings & sketches, pool activities, splashing, dance and more. Your kid would enjoy the activities while you can sneak into a relaxing spa session or indulge in some water sports.

The resort offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for its guests. However, as the majority of guests are from Europe, there is a variety of non-vegetarian cuisine. We being vegetarians, had limited options available, but when we took it to the resort management, they happily arranged dishes for us.

I still remember the glow on my daughter's face when the housekeeping staff made a towel dog holding flowers for her. Fascinated, she kept it as is for our entire stay.

Fun activities:

Mauritius has 16 islands and islets, each known for its exquisite beauty. The beaches offer an assortment of water sports like underwater sea walk, scuba diving, water skiing, cave sea kayaking and many more. I was amazed to know that Mauritius offers an equal opportunity for kids. The best places to visit are:

  • Glass Bottom Boat

  • Parasailing at Lle Aux Cerfs

  • Le Caudan Waterfront

  • Casela Nature Park

  • Seven Coloured Earth

  • Curious Corner of Chamarel

  • La Vanille Crocodile Park

Glass Bottom Boat: It was a windy day, and the waves were shallow yet intense. The tour was around an hour and a half long. The exotic view of underwater life was mesmerising. The brain corals were spectacular. These corals are around 1000 years old. The colourful world of fishes, around seventy-odd species of them, makes the underwater life scenic. The beautiful contrast with the sky that twinkled with thousands of stars. The tour was a saviour for people like me who are scared of snorkelling or deep diving. It was an experience to treasure for life.

Lle Aux Cerfs: Lle Aux Cerfs island is known as Deer Island (though the island does not have deer now), located near the East Coast of Mauritius in the Flacq district. It is an Island of adventures. It offers a wide array of water sports, from snorkel to surfing. It also has an 18 hole golf course along with serene beaches.

Parasailing was one of the most enjoyable experience we had on the island. Especially for someone like me. I am scared of the water to death. It was a splendid and memorable experience. At first, I was apprehensive, and after a series of inner conflict, at last, I hopped on the air balloon, and it slowly glided up in the clear sky. The blues of the sky and ocean mingled with the green trees embossed the island. The cool breeze touched my face, and I had forgotten that I am miles above the ocean water. Despite my fear, I must admit it was an incredible and experience of the lifetime. (Do not miss it.)

Le Caudan Waterfront: Waterfront located in Port Louis, capital of Mauritius. You name it, and Le Caudan has it for you in-store. It is:

  • A shopping and entertainment hub

  • Umbrella Street

  • Shops, Restaurants & Hotels, Coffee shops

  • Casino

  • Movie theatres, Museum, Craft Market, Street Entertainment

We went to a famous coffee shop that offered a variety of coffees. To treat our taste buds, we ordered an off-beat sugarcane coffee. A perfect coffee with the bubbled foam, the creamy milk and sweetness of sugarcane balanced with the coffee nuts. (Yum is the word that comes to my mind, Do not miss the coffee).

Casela Nature Park: The best way to reach Casela Nature Park is by self-drive car. It turned out to be a breathtaking and leisure drive. Follow the shoreline on one side and sugarcane farms on the other.

Spread across on the West coast of Mauritius and home to giant tortoises, giraffes, majestic white lions, Hippos, Bird paradise and many more.

Some of the most popular activities are:

  • Walk with Lion

  • Petting Farm

  • Camel Ride

  • Giraffe Platform

  • Segway

  • 4D Cinema

To satisfy your appetite with a panoramic view of the West Coast, stop at the Blue Bird Bistrot to enjoy your meals.

Seven Coloured Earth: The seven coloured earth is a prominent tourist attraction. The colours evolved through a natural phenomenon with the conversion of basaltic lava to clay minerals. It is full of mounds with sand in seven distinct colours (red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow). Sunrise is the best time to see the Coloured Earths. Geologists are still intrigued by the rolling dunes of the multi-coloured lunar-like landscape.

Curious Corner: The Curious Corner located in Chamarel, across from the iconic seven coloured earth. It is a place full of illusions, visual effects that would keep you wondering. Enfold the mystery behind trick photography.

La Vanille Crocodile Park: La Vanille Nature Park is home to the most fascinated flora and fauna innate to Mauritius island. Covered with the shade of palm and giant bamboo trees, the animals live in their habitat. You can spot the Nile Crocodiles, tenrecs, eels, iguanas and turtles. Spread over 3.5 hectares in the south of the island, it also has a fossil museum. It is operational every day from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Wear your comfortable shoes, pack some sunscreen, mosquito cream and lots of water to keep you hydrated when you explore this massive property.

The mesmerising scenic beauty of Mauritius will spellbind you right from the moment you would land. In your memories, the spectacular visuals of Mauritius will imprint for eternity as it has in us. Beaches in Mauritius with white sand and mountainous glimpses of 30,000 feet above sea level. The mesmerising Mauritius had so much in store and is among one of the most visited destinations. Pack your bags and get set to go.

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