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The 5 Best AI Copywriting Tools in the Market

Artificial Intelligence [AI] is everywhere. AI has revolutionized every field be it medicine, software engineering, construction or copywriting. The copywriting tool market is booming with AI copywriting tools.

Artificial Intelligence has touched every corner of the world. Now it's copywriting..

AI on the path of Disruption

Copywriters Beware

Copywriting is a stream that gets you closer to your audience. It lets you promote your products or services and helps you generate leads for your business, allowing you to grow your business empire. Copywriting deals with an emotional psyche that connects you with your audience. It helps you persuade them and ultimately achieves business milestones for you.

All is well said so far, but then can AI do copywriting? Even before that-

What is AI Copywriting?

Do you remember the copies, the ads that brought a smile and made you hit the like button? Hmm! There you go, a fair possibility some were not written by a human copywriter.


AI copywriting is the content and the copies created by a computer using natural language processors.


But, can computers be so sensitive to bring out those emotions, bridge the gap between a business and consumer?

There is a lot that can happen with content bundled with the processing power of computers. Dynamic, out of the box, millions of copies can be created in a short time slice. But, the question is - Are those any good at transforming the feelings? Make that connection, and replace the human copywriters.

Let's see how these best 5 AI copywriting tools benchmark themselves.

Copy AI debuted in 2020. The tool quickly climbed the ladder of popularity. With its easy-to-use interface and tons of options to choose from, this is my personal favorite.

I must say, when I signed up for the free trial I wasn't quite sure if it would help, it did a decent job. It created copies that actually helped me a lot in brainstorming.

Copy Ai is a fast growing AI Copywriting tool

The natural language processor is quite effective and does a decent job of aligning your thoughts with the content. It can serve as your personal copywriter assistant, and you could churn out more daily.

Great Perks:

  • Full marks for customer support.

  • Tons of options like social media posts, subject lines, blog outlines and more.

  • 7-day free trial, no credit card needed.

Good to have:

  • More options for email.

Verdict: Indeed, it is a saviour for any copywriter who has just dashed in this field. Copy AI - A must-have tool in a copywriter's toolbox.

Rating: 4.75

2020 saw yet another addition of AI enabled copywriting tool, With leaps and bound to offer, conversion named its AI tool- Jarvis. Don't get it confused with the Iron Man's Jarvis :)

It is a powerful tool that offers a new Boss mode. The Boss mode churns out all types of content right from blog posts, product promotions, ads, product descriptions, and more.

The boss mode of conversion ai makes it an effective AI copywriting tool

The tool brings a lot of flexibility - you can adjust the tone of the content. With a multilingual extension, you are not restricted just to one language.

Great perks:

  • Competitive options for content creation

  • Multilingual support

  • Boss feature

  • Blog posts

Good to have:

  • A free plan

Verdict: It is an effective tool that houses powerful content, though it could be expensive for freelancers around the globe.

Rating: 4.5

2020 was a year of AI enabled copywriting tools. Snazzy joined the game with its beta version. By early 2021, launched a full-featured version that offers a lot out of the box.

You can do a lot with a free account on - AI copywriting tool

It is yet another tough competitor to the AI copywriting tools in the market and offers many unique features. The email feature of snazzy can go a long way and can write a full-blown sales email and Pitch for you. It also has a creative brand tagline generator.

Great perks:

  • Choose from a variety of options.

  • Simple interface.

  • Email and Pitch feature

Good to have:

  • A free plan that is not dependent on five runs a day

Verdict: A tool to help with your email writing.

Rating: 4.65

Yet another feather in the cap, debuted in 2020. Its interface may pose a challenge at first. But, once you get the hang of it, you can work your way quickly.

A smart AI copywriting tool for your toolbox.

You can select the options and keep adding new files to generate unique content, and that too in a small amount of time.

It is a competitive tool with the potential to capture the market. It, too, encompasses many content generation options like ad copies, ad headlines, ad ideas, blog posts, pitch yourself and more. Great perks:

  • Pitch yourself.

  • Article writing assistant - a personal copywriter assistant that makes your life easy.

  • Shopify plugin

Good to Have

  • At least a 7-day free trial

Verdict: A smart copywriting tool for ad copies.

Rating: 4.6 The team at Writesonic believes in generosity, and that's the reason their copywriting platform keeps offering discounts on various plans. If you visit their website now, you might be able to grab their recent offer of 55% off. brings an efficient AI copywriting tool that lets you do more than just copy.

You can set up your free account. You will receive 10 free credits that you can use to generate any content.

With a lot of options to choose from is needed a copywriter's delight. Whether it is a social media copy, blog idea or intro, or rewriting, Writesonic has it in store for you.

It also offers some content generators like YouTube Titles that are absolutely free and would not require any credits. Great Perks:

  • A versatile list of options

  • Easy to use interface

  • Free features like growth ideas, start-up ideas

  • Keyword extractor

Good to have

  • A Free plan, as 10 credits seem to exhaust quickly.

Verdict: A good tool for YouTube Titles.

Rating: 4.7 2020 the year of COVID-19 Pandemic, marked the debut of many AI copywriting tools with some powerful features. They make a copywriter's life easy and helps them handle writer's block.

The tools listed above will help you churn out a lot of content in a fraction of a minute. Though, you will still need your expert tweaking to add the emotions that only humans are best known for.

With the power of computing and AI, content creation has now become a piece of cake. You being a human copywriter still have to bring in the essence of feelings that no software to date has managed to master.

Copywriting tool can serve as your best buddy to help you become more productive, but the reign of human copywriters will continue...

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