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Explore my published articles covering diverse technical topics. From technology concepts to software deliveries, these pieces offer detailed analyses and clear explanations. Click the links below to access each article and delve into the world of tech through my writing.

Design Authorization

An authorization model plays a vital role in securing an enterprise’s sensitive data. Businesses often code additional custom logic on top of traditional access control solutions, like Active Directory. However, as businesses grow, they need an access control that can scale to match their growth. Read more about Designing an authorization model for enterprises.

Context-Aware Permissions

Context-aware permissions (CAP) promote anywhere-anytime access by making computers intelligent enough to sense and react to their environment. You can use CAP in your software to define who needs access to what information at what time, so that your users can access only the information and services they need based on their location, the time of day, or other context factors. Read more about content -aware permissions.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

The hybrid cloud is gaining popularity as enterprise IT leaders seek flexible, scalable options that increase cost efficiency while maintaining control over enterprise data and information. Many organizations combine on-premise infrastructure with private/public cloud resources to meet these needs. Read more about hybrid cloud architecture.

AWS ELB pricing optimization

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) is a load-balancer service provided by Amazon. It automatically distributes internet traffic to your server instances, like EC2, containers, or any underlying service sitting behind it in one or more availability zones. Read more about AWS ELB pricing and optimising it

Scrum Estimations : Tips

Accurate estimation is critical for managing project timelines and stakeholder expectations. Yet many teams struggle to do it effectively. Use these tips to improve your team's estimation process and accuracy so you can get your projects back on track. Read more about Scrum Estimation and Tips for improving engineering estimates.

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