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Growing up, I was always able to express myself most through my writing. But, it wasn’t until 2019 that I finally listened to my inner voice and challenged myself to become a self published author. Thank goodness I did.


These days, I’m fortunate to have translated this ability into a successful career. I will call my passion for writing and storytelling as "hereditary and accustomed".

Do You Know Me


The story of inseparable sisters, Sana and Ashima Sharma. 


Their dream shattered when life threw at them the unexpected. Sana was accused of murders. 


How would they prove that Sana was innocent when every single proof was against her?

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 Good and evil are the two faces of a coin, one co-exists with the other, but they never face each other.


Unaware of the future that lies ahead, Eva finds herself trapped in the land of magic all by herself. Who brought her here?

The story reveals, the fate of Agam and Eva.

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“A professional writer is born in an ordinary person”


- Nikhila Jain